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Our Family

Julia & AJ
Sister & Brother

Julia’s enthusiasm to “create” was insatiable - it was A large part of her identity.  She was always keen to develop her ideas.  Of course her projects were completed to perfection with all the desirable creature comforts.

She is known by many for her comfy chairs, steam baths and saunas.


We have watched in complete awe over her lifetime as she transformed many properties into an oasis - lakefront, mountain, ocean front, forests, streams, city condos near & far - always with incredibly scenic views.

When her ideas came to fruition - they were always nature inspired - the colours, fabric choices, wood and stone work.  When it was time for her to semi-retire she focused on her dream to create an eco-retreat.

Julia was wishing to connect with her family, especially to become “Auntie Auntie” with a more active presence.

She was seeking connection with past and future generations.


many challenges were met along the way - just the nature and complexity of island life and others much more personal.  When she began her trek to the island - she was met with a genuine community, a step back in time.  She was seeking connection and she found it on this tiny, not well known island.  This is when Julia, AJ's sister invited us to join her in creating a family-based business.  When she walked us down to the wetlands through thick forest at sunset, all along the way her ideas floating around, she stopped us at the edge and said, “Just look”.  It was breath taking.  Then after a few moments of taking it all in, she looked at her brother and said, “I need to get from here to there”, as she pointed across the water.  From the building of the magical bridge across the wetlands came yurts, pavilion, bath house and sauna.  There were many years of lists, work parties, hired help and friends delving deep into projects which seemed endless.  While there were tears of joy and dancing in the kitchen when hot water flowed through the taps for the first time - there came a time of profound sadness and loss.  The monumental, life-altering challenge was losing Julia to illness in November 2016.  Her wish was for us to carry on with the farmhouse-yurts-pavilion, grow the land, continue to create and eventually pass it along to our 4 children.


Clearly wanting our children to value experiences above our materialistic world was a priority for us as parents.  So, together we created a plan and worked incessantly to make this dream of “Auntie Auntie’s” a reality.


Our wish is to share this “experience" with other like-minded people.

If you enjoy nature, feel rejuvenated after spending time on the beach and are curious about off-the-grid living then you may wish to give us a ring.  The island is a place to explore, to seek solitude, to refresh and re-connect.

AJ & Paula Law