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While Pictou Island can provide an unparalleled nature experience,

we need to consider our impact.

We walk through a variety of habitats on the path to the yurts.

fields - woodland forest - wetlands - sand dunes - coastal

Many of us know our ecosystems are fragile and have important ecological value.

Through our use of these areas, we could easily spoil the balance of nature.

Please only admire the delicate "endangered" lady slippers.

Respect the paths.

Sensitive long grasses provide protection from erosion

as well as special nesting areas for coastal birds.

Did you know?

less 0.6%  of Nova Scotia's coastlines are comprised of sandy shores & sand dunes.

These areas are deemed rare.

To retain the integrity of our unique island

we all need to be responsible for minimizing our impact.

We encourage like-minded attitudes and awareness.

island Residents cherish “off the beaten path” island life.

Please respect property boundaries.

Wild Life


As with many areas of Nova Scotia keep the following in mind.

Coyotes are naturally elusive - but keep your dog close.

Their howling calls are heard way more often than they are seen.

Birds of prey on the island - While facinating to observe could

easily fly away with a small animal.

snowshoe hare-spring peepers-butterflies-humming birds-blue heron-seals-eagles-hawks-shore birds

wild flowers & mushrooms - not for eating.

poison ivy - stick to the paths.

personal Safety

Please be safety minded.

We have several residents trained

as first responders on the island.

If you were to be seriously injured access to emergency services

is most likely by helicopter.  There will be a wait.

Remember there are no doctors nor drugstores

no fires

No Fires 

No Open Fires.

We have limited fire-fighting ability.

The covered fire pit may be used with

our fire chief’s approval.

Fire extinguishers are available,

at the pavilion and yurt site.

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