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Getting HERE



What to bring?

food & clothes

beach & bath  towels

comfortable walking shoes


How to Pack?

use a sturdy tote & cooler

cargo is stacked outside on the ferry

passengers are responsible to assist with loading/unloading the ferry

please pack smart

By water

ferry information & schedule


BY air

based in Debert & flying out of the Trenton Airport

year round service to Pictou Island

available for pre-arranged charter flights

  2 passengers & luggage (LIMITED)

The plane lands on the island's dirt road

 Please contact them directly for details.





other accommodations on the island

Inned of the Rainbow B&B

Pictou Island Escape

Pictou Island Wooden Tents

Other useful links

North Nova Seafoods

Northumberland Ferries

Halifax Airport

Pictou Island Easter Air Charters
Pictou Island Easten Air Charters
Pictou Island Ferrry
Pictou Island Ferry
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