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How to Rediscover Your Sense of Adventure: 3 Baby Steps to Get It Back

Remember the Joy of Childhood Adventures

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember a specific person or experience that sparked your adventurous spirit?

For me, it was my parents. They were always keen to pack up the family for some outdoor adventure—like camping in another province or a national park. We learned about teamwork, setting up camp, cooking and `problem-solving together. In reality, my parents worked hard to organize everything we needed and pack the van, but the rewards were worth it. We bonded over shared experiences, free from the distractions of modern life, and learned to live in the moment. Time slowed down, food tasted better outdoors, and we gained an appreciation for the natural world and the importance of protecting wild places.

Closer to my childhood home, there was a large rock formation at the end of our road on an undeveloped forested plot of land. Playing there, I was lost in a world of fantasy, my imagination running wild with imaginary creatures, stone staircases, moats, bridges, and caverns. One dry summer, I even introduced a wild turtle to the “moat” after its usual home, the pond out back dried up.

It was moments like these that made me realize the joy of adventure and the wonder of the natural world.

Your turn. Ponder your outdoor inspiration, the adventures you’ve enjoyed, and how different your life and perspective would be without them. Outdoor experiences as kids make us better, stronger, more confident people. We should all do everything we can to inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Here are 3 Baby Steps to Reignite Your Adventurous Side:

Step 1: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Humans crave routine and predictability, but becoming too reliant on routine can be detrimental as adults. We can become so committed to our habits that it can cloud our judgment. Ordering the same thing on a restaurant menu because it's what we always order might not seem particularly concerning, but it has been scientifically proven that stepping out of your comfort zone increases productivity and creativity. That needs to be reiterated, so here is goes. Stepping out of your personal comfort zone can increase your productivity and creativity. And who does not want to be more productive and creative?

Our comfort zone is an anxiety-neutral space, and anything outside it can evoke anxiety. Forcing yourself into a terrifying situation is obviously not healthy, but taking baby steps away from this anxiety-neutral position can stimulate your curiosity without causing too much unease. Think about a small step you could take towards a more adventurous, fulfilling life.

Step 2: Never Stop Trying New Things

Rediscovering your sense of adventure is a process. It’s not enough to take one step and assume that’s enough. Trying new things as often as possible is key. This doesn’t mean spending a small fortune to travel the world. You can rediscover your sense of adventure much closer to home, as long as you are doing something new. It could be something as small as learning a new cooking technique using an unfamiliar ingredient or exploring a new local park.

The important thing to remember is that you get to define what adventurous means to you, and you should never stop pushing the boundaries. Having an adventurous spirit is simply our readiness to try new and hard and different.

So, what boundaries can you push today? What is something new or hard or different that you can try?

Step 3: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Often, the reason we hold ourselves back is not deep-rooted anxieties but rather a fear of getting it wrong. As children, we are persistent and try and try at something until we achieve what we set out to do. Otherwise, as adults we would be in a fairly good mess. In adulthood, we put pressure on ourselves to get things right the first time or give up at the first hurdle if we find something too hard. We need to just get over ourselves.

There are many resources available to help rediscover your sense of adventure. The most important is to accept that we are not perfect. Learn to ignore the inner voice telling you you can’t do it and other people’s perceived judgments. Think about ways you can unlock new layers of creativity, discover new passions, and feel more alive as a result.

Imagine the Ultimate Adventure

Picture this: Pack the clothing and food you need for 3-7 days, then take a passenger ferry to an offshore island in the middle of the Northumberland Strait. Awaiting you on the other side is a luxurious retreat on a secluded beach. It will be an adventure like no other, a chance to break free from routine and rediscover the thrill of the unknown. There is also a catch. The catch is that this is an adventure with a “safety net”. The owners provide all the details of what to expect and what you will need to make this an absolutely amazing experience. They are also 5 mins away, living on the island themselves.

So, when was the last time you did something adventurous?

Maybe now is the perfect time to start planning your next great escape.

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